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A Moment's Peace with Cosmos: Harp, Cello and Oboe

A Moment's Peace. Available for streaming from Sunday 4th of October until the 11th of November.
A deeply meditative concert with Cosmos - Michael Johnson on harp
and piano, Michael Conolan on Cello and Raymond Hoefer on oboe.
All compositions are inspired by the natural world and filmed in the
beautiful acoustics of St. Georges Church in Ivanhoe.
This will be held as an online concert via Harp Streams.
Registration to view the concert is just $10 via the "registration" button
You will be sent a link to the video that will be available to view at any time of the day,
as many times as you like and will remain available until the 11th of November.
Hope you can join Michael, Raymond and myself for this peaceful online concert.
Warm wishes.
Michael Johnson

Registration is $10
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